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“Knowledge is power” is a famous phrase coined by the philosopher Francis Bacon. The Domestic Violence Service Center believes in the transformational power of education which is why the center offers three educational programs for members of the community.


Program 1:

The first program addresses education in schools, where children often deal with bullying, aggression, and abuse from their peers. The Domestic Violence Service Center visits schools and provides exciting and informative presentations for students. To find out more visit our school page.


Program 2:

The second program focuses on providing domestic violence awareness among members of the local community. The Domestic Violence Service Center makes community education available to community groups, youth groups and businesses in Luzerne and Carbon Counties. To find out more visit our community education page.


Program 3:

The third program concentrates on educating the Domestic Violence Service Center staff with professional training for the treatment of domestic violence victims as well as problem solving for any challenges they may encounter. It is vital that DVSC staff be prepared with knowledge, skills and resources. To find out more visit our professional training page.

For information on our professional education program, please contact the Volunteer/Education Coordinator at (570) 823 6799 ext. 238.

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