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Remote Learning

Professional Training

In addition to our outreach to the community, Domestic Violence Service Center also offers trainings for professional staff that may come into contact with domestic violence victims and issues during the course of their work. Many victims of domestic violence will reach out to various agencies for help and support with issues such as housing, finances, medical needs, children’s services and career support. It is vital that those professionals providing these services are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to effectively support a victim in crisis.


DVSC’s professional education program provides training for professionals on what is domestic violence, how to recognize the signs, how to sensitively support a victim, what services are available for victims and how to refer them for help. These trainings are also available to corporate employers so they might be able to help their employees that could possibly be in a domestic violence situation.


For information on our professional education program, please contact the Volunteer/Education Coordinator at (570) 823 6799 ext. 238.

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